This is a collection of my experience so far as a digital artist. Within this reel, there are moments of dynamic motion graphics for live events and broadcast, as well as intriguing CGI and VFX scene replacements - please enjoy.

    The Digital Signage gallery illustrates the first few years of my career as a motion graphics artist in Miami, FL. I had the opportunity to work with the Miami Heat and the AmericanAirlines Arena for almost 5 years; designing and producing media for all digital screens in the building including: the Miami MediaMesh, Bacardi Grand Entrance 3 story projection and multi-video wall, the Dewars Lounge multi-video wall, and the jumbo tron during Miami Heat basketball games.

    The following gallery contains some notable samples that may or may not have made it on my reel from my time at such studios as Everywhere Studios, 2C Media, and Discovery Communications - Latin America. For further samples of my work please visit my Vimeo channel. Please enjoy.